TS Communications is a Great Employer, And we are often looking for more like minded members of our team.

Generally we are more often looking for frontline support staff, or people in charge of sales.

If you think you have what it takes to work in an often fast-paced environment, willing to greet every customer professionally and cheerfully then we may want to hear from you.

Most Vacancies and a little about our work Environment will be posted on this page.

Some Common Jobs and there descriptions.

We have provided a small list of our most common jobs in which we sometimes look to recruit for. This isn't all Positions just the most common as we expand we often look to recruit.

Contract Sales Person

We offer a Contract Sales Position, In this position members work closely with our Sales Team. We work together to try and think of new ways of bringing in customers, Contract Sales Person's are paid on a commission basis and some make good money per hour when dedicated to the task.

The job involves signing up new customers via a number of different methods, Members are paid per connection.

It is ultimately up to the member how they signup customers, could include phone, door knocking, events (with our permission) etc.

We currently have some vacancies for Contract Sales Person.

Front Line Support

Our Frontline support team members, deal with customers issues, including sales, billing, support. This is a unique position in our business as it nvolves having to be available to answer Phones, Support Tickets, Live Chat Messages, Emails and more.

Front line support members can be Full-time, Part-time, Casual employees, paid a reasonable rate per hour.

Network Management

We have a small team dedicated to Network Management, Our Network management team also maintain and run the Network for our Hosting Platforms. So we have a few great options for people if they are wanting a server and direct access using there Internet Connection. The Network Management role is fairly varied and as the network grows we need more staff to help monitor, manage, maintain our network to make sure things run as smooth as possible.

Our network management team are Full-time, and paid a great remuneration package

Are you Interested in working for Us?

If you are interested in a position within TS Communications and you think you have what it takes then feel free to apply!

If we have no vacancies available for the position please feel free to still apply as you never know when a Job Opportunity will open up.

To Apply click the Apply Now button on the right hand side of this page.

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