Due to the increased requests for people asking if we are likely to sell Fixed Line Internet again in the future, and some other developments we have been made aware of such as the National Broadband Map. We have decided to add some new Plans, and the National Broadband Map.

Whilst we are on this topic we NOW OFFER NATIONWIDE FIBRE (UFB). With 1GB Internet coming soon.

We are not going to get into Internet in the way we were before with a wholesale model. This simply doesn't work, the costs are too expensive to make a service that works unless you have tens of thousands of customers. But we have found another way of doing it. 

Whilst the service is designed for Businesses, it can also be used for Residential purposes, it may be a little more expensive than what we used to charge but it works better for all involved, customers, and us alike. Truly Reliable, Fast services designed to serve all types of Businesses.

Check it out for your self. Still No Contract, No Hassle. Reliable, Fast and Honest Internet. 

Keep an eye on this space because more services could be likely in the future.

Friday, February 24, 2017

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